Psaroneis? The underwater augmented reality coloring application.

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The Psaroneis Coloring App combines a coloring book experience with the new augmented reality technology to bring you an amazingly fairy like experience with sound fx, background music, character animations and interactivity.

A.R coloring underwater pages for kids have never been so exciting!

Psaroneis app has the functionality of coloring in a picture and (by holding your smartphone device or tablet over the coloring picture) at the same time watch the underwater characters on the page come to life in real time.

Draw - scan - interact - play

• Interact with the 3d characters by pressing on them and watch an animation take place.
• Play and pause the animation when it comes to life. Zoom in, zoom out functionality. Rotate the characters in any direction.
• Paint on your aquatic character and magically see it changing color and take a 3d form in real time.
• Different sound effects and background music associated with each character.
• Add as many coloring pages at the same time under the camera (more 3d characters simultaneously will appear).
• View your animated Augmented Reality character from any angle.
• Ability to remove/delete, color and re-paint them as many times as you want.
• Color your characters by using various colouring materials, colouring pencils and markers, crayons, water based paints or even decorate with stickers. The possibilities for creation are endless.
• Capture screen shots of your coloring underwater creations. Save your painted characters and send it to your friend.

Download and print the underwater characters, point your smartphone device or tablet over your coloring picture and watch the aquatic creatures come to life in real time!


Collect them all here.
More characters coming soon!!

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