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Education is one of the mail pillars at CretAquarium

One of our main aims at CretAquarium is to raise awareness and educate the public on matters about the marine environment, in a continues attempt to inspire respect at the unique world of the Mediterranean Sea.

Within this framework, CretAquarium designs activities, events and educational programs that make the scientific knowledge accessible to all and at the same time to raise the awareness to the general public.

The educational procedure is in other words a main pillar for our activities.

Apart from the unplanned actions that take place on the occasions of various world days (World Water Day, Oceans, etc.), CretAquarium designs and implements educational programs for pupils of all levels of primary and secondary education, on the marine environment of the Mediterranean.

Discover our educational programs for all levels of primary and secondary education, learn and share our love and respect for the environment and the creatures of the Mediterranean seabed!

The programmes are run by experienced museum educators at the areas of the Aquarium and they are updated every year.